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Nuclear Burn: a reboot of journals about entropy in the modern world.







Los Angeles Limbo: more writings and entries from the outer walls of the feudal world of movies.

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A look back at Peter Gabriel’s The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway movie project.




Publishing Company: SEED CENTER BOOKS.

Tad Golas


An introductory essay on Thaddeus Golas (American poet, metaphysical writer), for Seed Center Books.


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More artwork on view at SMALL, WHITE, and SQUARE.




The CG Channel InterviewArticle by Jean Eric Henault


Jokob De Boer’s Master Series for Leica: Photo Essay and Interview with Sylvain Despretz (part 1: Shifting gears)

Jokob De Boer’s Master Series for Leica-Codex: Interview (part 2: Working with masters)

This extensive photo-essay was conducted in 2013 by Jakob deBoer, as part of his Masters Series sponsored by Leica Lenses.
The discussion covers many topics, from adventures in movie making to metaphysics.

















VIDEO BLAST FROM THE PAST: watch the Gladiator Storyboard Demonstration & Commentary, ©2000, DreamWorks, SKG/Universal Pictures.

Commentary feature directed by Charles de Lauzirika for Scott Free DVDs and DreamWorks SKG.

*Video: gladiator - storyboard demonstration